Hidden Gems We Find. . .

This is Me, no filters, on college move in day with Sprat September 2019

This Beautiful little girl is me, not sure how old I was.

We found all sorts of gems at Mom’s house while getting things ready for the renovation. The above was a surprise found in the piano bench. There were a set of three of these; my brother, sister and then this one of me.

I had to laugh when I saw the picture because of my mouth being wide open. It all started at birth, the whole mouth wide open thing, I was always a very happy little girl. I still laugh with my mouth wide open.

Not sure how old I was here but this one is framed at my Mom’s. Again the mouth wide open loving life. I hope that is how I will be remembered, always laughing and loving life.

When my boys were born, I thought they looked like my husband, now I think they look more like me. I will let you guys be the judge, tell me what you think.

My very handsome husband at work.

Your task if you choose to take it, who do these handsome boys look more like? Will you choose Me or my very handsome husband? I think they look a little like us both. I will take the middle ground. Please leave your comments below.

Updates on House and Home. . .

The day before Thanksgiving my mom’s power went out and when she got up to check on things she tripped, fell and broke her hip. I rushed home to get to see her just before hip replacement surgery. She is doing great now and we are in the process of renovating their basement so that Mom and Dad can go back home after rehab.

It took some time to find someone to take on this renovation project. Mom and Dad have lived in this house for about forty-seven years. You can imagine the things that have accumulated in those many years. My sister, brother and myself did contribute a good bit to the accumulation of things.

My Mom saved all kinds of things from our childhood. I was cleaning out a closet to try and help prepare for the renovation and found my sister’s white go go boots she used to wear when she carried the banner in the marching band. Those boots looked brand new, I also found my old roller skates and they also looked brand new. Stumbled across one of our old dummies that we made for Halloween one year. We stuffed an old pair of pants and shirt with news paper and would set it up on the porch to scare the little kids.

Mom kept an entire set of National Geographic magazines, and do you remember the World Book Encyclopedia, she has that set too. I have not so fond memories of writing papers using those Encyclopedias. My kids do not know the joy and drama of looking facts up in the Encyclopedia, of course when you got the information from those books you knew it was fact. These days on the internet you could be getting anything but facts.

Mom also kept most of the Appaloosa Journals that they received along with Muscle and Fitness, Southern Living, Our State, and all of the NC State magazines. We purged those all except the most recent ones.

After going through all of those magazines and tossing a good portion of them I realized, I am my mother’s daughter. I have come home to throw out my old magazines, I have only kept the ones that have something of interest to me. I am also going to clean out my closet to donate what I cannot and do not wear.

Stay tuned as we continue to prepare for the renovation, Lacrosse season College and High School, and living our best life.