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Boston Butt on the Smoker Early Tomorrow. . .


My husband got a new pellet smoker grill “thing” for Christmas this year and the man has smoked everything possible, the only we have not smoked is chicken and a pizza.  The pizza I would like to try, I think it would be very good.  

Let us recap the things my husband has smoked:  burgers, salmon, turkey, meatloaf, Boston butt, and let us not forget the ribs.  We will be smoking another butt this weekend for Super Bowl.  I personally could not care less about the Super Bowl but I do love all the food and fun that surrounds it.  Such entertaining commercials and all of the food, can I say that again, all the food.  

The hubbs has purchased the butt and it is chilling in the fridge and we will start the rub down on Friday evening, this butt will cook all day on Saturday to be ready for Sunday.  I am still mulling over my appetizers that I want to serve.  The hubbs wants my fabulous beer cheese dip for sure but I am not sure what else, perhaps some olives, cheese and pickles,  I think I need another dip and maybe some veggies. We will have to wait and see.  

Here is your trivia for the Super Bowl:  What four teams have never been to a Super Bowl?   Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, and the Houston Texans.  Go and impress your friends at your Super Bowl parties.