A Little Background on Me. .

The Marriage. . .

My very sweet hubby and I will be celebrating 27 years of marriage this year and we have two pretty good kiddos to show for our efforts. I wanted to share this picture and to give you a little background on my very active family. My kids have been involved in every sport available; basketball, football, baseball, and now lacrosse is their passion.

This is my family, we were touring Sprat’s (far right) college in Boston 2018. This was an exciting trip and we were able to take in a Red Sox game while we were there.

Sprat and College. . .

Sprat had a little bumpy road his first year of college, the lacrosse coach recruited him to go to school and play lacrosse in Brookline, MA . On a side note we live fifteen hours from Massachusetts. This opportunity came out of left field and slammed us, Sprat got a full academic scholarship to this small college in Massachusetts.

Bumpy first year. . . 

Here comes the bumpy part, the school announces it is closing at the end of the school year for 2018. Poor Sprat did not even get a lacrosse season since the school was closing. They did work with the students to help them find other schools to transfer. I count us as lucky because Sprat found another really good small college in Massachusetts and that lacrosse coach also inquired if Sprat was interested in playing for him and encouraged him to visit and check them out. Fall of 2019 Sprat started in college again 15 hours away from us. He is very excited about this season of lacrosse, he had a great first semester with stellar grades. More on this to come as lacrosse season is gearing up, no pun intended.

Big T the Quirky one. . .

Big T is my youngest and he is a very different kid, he is hard to describe sometimes. He is a little bit of a hypochondriac and puts is whole heart in everything he does including self diagnosing via the web. Growing up he really kept us on our toes. Sprat as a kid never could lie to us, Big T on the other hand could lie right to my face. The good thing is that the majority of the time I knew when he was lying. The lying he has gotten over but the hypochondria is in full swing.

Everyone should have a hypochondriac in the family. . .

Bless his heart, every time he has a cough he thinks he is dying of the bubonic plague. I must confess, I believe he gets that from me, I have a faint memory of being a little bit of a hypochondriac as a child. Not sure when I got over that but now I have to be absolutely dying before I will go to the doctor.

Big T and all of his quirkiness is in his fifth year of lacrosse and third year playing in high school. He would also like to go on to play lacrosse in college. He has not decided where he wants to go at this time, we are doing tours.

My Blog history. . 

I started blogging on another platform when the boys were in elementary school. Apparently my blog was very entertaining and fun fact, the producers of “Wife Swap” the television show, reached out to me to see if I was interested in being on their show. I was afraid to do the show so I turned them down. I was afraid my kids might like the other mom better than me.

Stay tuned as lacrosse season begins, my family gets a little crazy and my husband attempts to smoke and grill all sorts of things.

I love to travel and I love photography, there will be many photos shared here of people, places, and all sorts of things.  This particular photo was from our trip to St Lucia, WI.