Why I Am a Lacrosse Mama

Sprat after the first Scrimmage. . .

Sprat had his first scrimmage last week and they played their first game yesterday. Hard loss 6-7 but very exciting to watch. Sprat played the whole game and even was mentioned in the after game write up. It is hard for this mama when my baby is playing a sport and I cannot be there in person to cheer him on.

Thankful for technology. . .

The game on Saturday was in Maine and I was so thankful that the school live streamed the game for those that could not be there. I got to see my boy play his first official college lacrosse game on the Big screen. Not every school has that option but most of them do. Sad I could not be there but so happy I did get to watch him play. Very exciting weekend.

Big T has his first lacrosse game tonight and I will not be able to attend that one either. The hubby will be holding down the fort for this one. I have to work so the hubbs will be texting me the play by play. The hubbs and I try to be at the boys sporting and academic events but things do come up that prevent that, but one of us is always there.

The Little Leaguer. ..

“I had a little leaguer, that played ball for me. He never missed a practice, he was always there at 3; and when we had a ball game his best he’d always show, I’d ask where his folks were at, but he would never know. They’d bring him to the ballfield and then go on to town, and then one day he got hurt real bad, his parents could not be found. He’s grown up to be a teenager now and he’s in and out of jail. And his parents often ask me, ‘Tell us where we failed.’ So all you parents with little leaguers, go to their games and stay, and let them know that you’ll be there every game they play. And should they make an error, don’t make them feel ashamed, just tell him to try a little harder it’s all part of the game. And when it is his time at bat, stand and holler loud, It will make him feel much better to know you are in the crowd. ” by Anonymous

The poem above was printed in June 1969 in my hometown paper. My mom saved this paper like many other things and she shared it with me when my boys started playing little league ball. I love this poem, it speaks volumes to what your child really needs. They do not need things, they need you. They need you present in their lives and they need to know you are there cheering them on through life.

Mom, forever a cheerleader. . .

I hate missing my kids events, whether it is academic or athletic, I want to be there for every one of them. It is hard and it does not always work out that way but the hubbs and I make every effort for at least one of us to be there. Sprat in college 15 hours away does make it difficult but, we are going to see two games in person this year. I am beyond excited to see him and getting to see him play will be icing on the cake.

Stay tuned as the laxmom journey continues. . .

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